Yog Sothoth

Yog Sothoth - The Key and The GateA good friend of mine posed a question this morning:

Q. Do you think Yogg-Sothoth was an Old One or an Elder God?

My initial response was to cite my belief that the two terms are, not necessarily, mutually exclusive.

Yog SothothI’ve always considered Yog Sothoth to be something more than the likes of Cthulhu and Azazthoth – in the same way that Nyarlathotep is something less. After all, Yog Sothoth is the Lurker on the Threshold – this eldritch entity that inhabits the Bits Between the Bits.

Cthulhu is nothing more than an aeons dead dreamer who struggles to get up in a morning and Azathoth is merely an, albeit cosmic, interstellar ball of blind rage.

A brief google shows that most followers of the Cthulhu Mythos seem to view Yog Sothoth as an Elder God or at least an “Outer” God… Nyarlathotep and Azathoth are also deemed to be Outer Gods; Azathoth is even placed alongside Yog Sothoth. So I accept that my initial reaction was incorrect.

One good thing to come out of this brief study is that my assumptions surrounding Tsathoggua (probably my favourite Cthulhu Cycle Deity) are correct. To my mind, Tsathoggua is the definitive Old One. Good old St. Toad.


2 thoughts on “Yog Sothoth

  1. I always thought it was a shame that we did not see more of YS in the canon Mythos. He was obviously portrayed as an ‘evil’ entity in ‘The Dunwich Horror’, but I myself never really thought of him as such. Instead I consider him more to be a entity of ‘The Balance’ as Moorcock would have it.

    • I agree entirely.

      In fact, when considering the ethical stance of the supposed “Elder Gods”, I think concepts such as Good and Evil are absolutely useless.

      Such things are fine when considering mundane pantheons, such as the Norse or Greek but these are earthly pantheons.

      The Cthulhu Cycle Deities are cosmic beings, utterly beyond the need or capacity to care for earthly things.

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