Google Mail

I started to use GMail last night.

Having seen some of the features of Android I’m determined to give it a third trial; allowing Gmail to manage my Hotmail will deal with my only real anti-Android issue.

As I write this I note that I appear to be dwelling on the negative aspects of Gmail, something I will endeavour to change – negativity is never a good thing.

My first reaction to Gmail was one of annoyance; as a UK user I am limited to, what a mouthful. Furthermore, armaitus@ has already been taken. I’ll explain more about my decision to use Armaitus as a web monicker in a later blog; the short version is that I needed a unique name that wasn’t taken by web services at the time. Every now and then I find that there is another Armaitus somewhere who has taken my user name. And so I am designated the verbose armaitussyn@ address at the equally lengthy domain.

The user interface is refreshing though and the trivial matter of being able to set a theme pleases me.

One thing did frighten me a little as I was browsing my morning mail.  Whilst replying to a mail that contained the name “Yog Sothoth”, I noticed the ad banner change to read:

Alice at R’lyeh – When Alice met Lovecraft… (and Cthulhu popped up, too)”

Cthulhu Cycle Deities and Advertising – makes me shudder even to write about it.

It’s taken until this morning for my Hotmail to sync and there must still be some teething issue as new mail isn’t appearing in the Gmail inbox “instantly” but as long as it’s “timely” I can deal with that. As I understand it, I will still need to take time to clear out messages from my Hotmail but I am definitely a step closer to being able to comfortably use an Android device. (Or ‘Droid as I’ve seen them referred to, how quaint)

We’ll see how well I take to it over the coming weeks, pretty soon the HTC Desire should be released and that does indeed look like a worthy device.


3 thoughts on “Google Mail

  1. I have considered GMail in the past myself, but do not like to think of their VI’s greasy fingers going through all my electronic post.

    I suppose if one is only to use it for official or at least non personal mail then it serves a purpose.

  2. It may say, but I think you will find that works very well.

    I have to say I am a big fan of Gmail, the labels functionality is excellent and I now resent anything which forces me to use a single folder.


    • Since experimenting with it, I can see what you mean. I’ve now got Gmail up and ready to transfer my Hotmail over to next month, when I hope to get the new HTC Desire (positively dripping with features to make me drool)

      I can’t see me losing my hotmail address though, it’s a part of me.

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